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Who Wants Dog Food?

When you work in an Agile Coaching group – whatever it's called – a "competency", a "practice" or some such thing, and some of you get together to talk about what you should do to improve what you do, it's almost guaranteed that at some point, someone will suggest that it's very important that you all "Eat your own dog food." OK, maybe you'll be lucky and they won't use this gastro–intestinally challenging metaphor – they'll merely point out that if you call yourself Agile coaches, you should be using Agile to manage your work.

Sounds like a good idea surely? If we're pushing Agile, advocating Agile, coaching people in Agile, surely we should be using it ourselves. Well, yes, but in my experience, this is a lot more complicated than it sounds.

Here are some thoughts as to why.

1 Explicitly break the big jobs down into smaller bits or

2 Run the jobs at a much looser, more general Kanban level

Written by Mark Stringer: this is me