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Wed, 11 Jun 2014 14:06:46

Rant and Raise

So I had this idea for an app - I'm probably sure that it already exists.

It's like this - you have a page and on it are bunch of buttons.

Like "Racism", "Sexism", "Guardian Moronic", "UKIP/Tory Nazism", "Censorship."

And you tie them to a charity - each of the buttons is tied to a charity.

And every time you click on one of the the buttons, you give a pound to the charity that you've hooked it up to - maybe you're prompted to give the link to an article.

So for example, whenever the Daily Mail publishes an article (or Channel 4 produces a programme) spreading fear and loathing of Gypsies, I just go to the "Rant and Raise" app on my phone and push the "Gypsy" button.

And then on twitter is says something like "Mark just gave 1 pound to the Gypsy Council of Great Britian so he could feel good rather than bad about this annoying article (link to bigotry)"

Yeah - that's the idea.