The Late and Over-Budget Notebook



How to Manage Your Late and Over-Budget Projects and Still SUCCEED!

A FREE seminar -Tuesday 12th November 2013: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Upper Studio, Half Moon Theatre 43 White Horse Road, London, E1 0ND (nearest tube, Limehouse DLR - 300yds)

This is the first of a series of monthly seminars that I'm going to be running as a way of developing my ideas about project management by explaining them to other people. The insight that I had a couple of years ago is that most of the education, coaching and training around project management is of the "If you're going there, I wouldn't start from here variety." My experience of software development projects is that most of them are perceived as late and over-budget and so the endless stream of discussion about what mythically "successful" projects look like if they're on-time and to-budget is only of limited value. In these seminars we're rather going to focus on these two questions:

Why are so many projects late and over-budget?

What can you do if you are managing such a project to make sure that you, and the project, still succeed?

As much as I can, I'm going to explore the answers to these questions using games and activities as well as discussion, so that we get a feel for the issues involved and the techniques for dealing with them.

It would be great to see you. It's fine to just turn up on the night but if you want to ask questions or let me know you're coming, get in touch.

Mark Stringer


07736 807 604