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Tue, 30 Dec 2014 00:48:18

Destructive Feedback

Part of teaching this course on Agile has been talking about something called the "3 Pillars of Empiricism." They are transparency, inspection and adaptation. As part of trying teach about these concepts, I've also found it necessary to talk about three other concepts - iteration, feedback and empiricism. Empiricism is the concept that people have most trouble with. As a word, and as an approach to projects.

Examples of destructive feedback:

These are examples of feedback from a notional customer to a notional supplier, but I think there are also examples in the other direction.

I bet if you talked to some people who've been product owners, or been clients for Agile projects, they could give you a longer list, or people who've had to listen to feedback from product owners and clients, they could give you a longer list. A lot of what makes feedback annoying or destructive is its timing - the feedback needs to come at the right time.