A Commonplace

What is a commonplace?



Sat, 3 May 2014 13:34:49

Dear Diary

I had this idea last year to put everything that I wrote in one text file. I think this was part of recovering from losing Posterous, which had been a great place to capture everything that I wrote up to that point, but then one day just went away.

One good thing about putting everything that you wrote in one place is that you can then make it into an ebook and read it on the train - "something scandalous to read on the train, etc." And so I've done that, and I've been reading through it.I wouldn't say it's a rivetting read, but there are some bits which are worth reading again - and even some bits which warrant turning into blog posts. One thing that is rather dissappointing is that very often I seem to be going over the same ground again and again without getting any deeper, or any closer to a real understanding. Ah well, I suppose that's a kind of understanding in itself.