A Commonplace

What is a commonplace?




This is me.

Picture of Mark Stringer

I'm 44 years old and I've been working in IT for 20 years. I've been working in project management for 9 years. All that time I've been thinking about how we might do software development better. How we might producing better code that people actually want to use; code that delivers value to our customers. But also, how we might do the whole business with less pain and anguish for the people doing the development and the people managing it? I think Agile is part of the solution - but there's a lot more to it than that.

That's what this blog is about. But I'm also trying to make this blog a bit like a commonplace as discussed by Stephen Johnson in his book "Where Good Ideas Come From". That means there will be quotations and lots of links to books, pictures and videos that I think are interesting.