Late and Over-Budget Version 0.1

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Late and Over-Budget, very first version as a PDF, already with the front rubric, 18 pages.  I'm very interested to hear *any* feedback.

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  • Aug 29 2012, 9:19 AM
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  • Aug 29 2012, 9:33 AM
    Jim Grant responded:
    I really enjoyed reading the price. I like the "real world" orientation of it. I would like to share it with the folks who do application development, but it may offend them. I work managing quality improvement projects in healthcare and a lot of the same issues apply. Plus, there are teams that develop the reporting platforms for the measures that are reported that are late and over budget. I don't oversee them (thank God), but have to deal with dissatisfied end users.

    Not sure if you can work this in, but I find it much better to manage the project than trying to manage the people on the team. By that I mean that I have a great team of pros that handle the simple and complicated stuff. I focus on the complex and chaotic stuff and keep things moving along.

    Some of the other Dave Snowden stuff about a future orientation and picking out weak signals helps me a lot.