What I want to be able to do with an Agile Lifecycle Management Tool - some notes

Agile life-cycle management tools. My main experience has been with Jira, and it's OK for issue management, e.g. Tracking the status of an issue.

What it's rubbish at is backlog management - keeping track of a backlog, prioritising a backlog. Things I would really like to know:

How much work is there in a project?

How much work was there in this project yesterday? Show me a graph of how work on that project got added.

It would also be great to see some animations of how the project started, how it got bigger and how it got finished.

I'd also like end to end time to be a first class view. So on every issue, the first thing that you see is how long it's taken so far - but also, how long it's expected to take based on previous stories/defects/features.

Waiting - how long has this story hung around not being worked on? Again, just like end-to-end time, this should be immediately obvious for any issue.

Anybody got any suggestions - anybody know a tool that lets you do all these things?

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