A little tweak to Agile Retrospectives - Issue Bingo

Are you getting the members of the team to write down on post-its all their issues, good and bad or in four quadrants? Rather than getting them to put them all on the wall and *then* clustering them, take turns to go round the table. When it's a team member's turn, they talk about one of the issues that they have written down and pin it on the wall. Any other members of the team who have post-its about this issue pin them on the wall and cluster them at the same time. In this way, issues cluster themselves (almost). Then you can all talk about that issue before you move on to the next team member and give them a turn.

One interesting effect is that there tend to be just a few issues that are 'Bingo' issues - where everybody has a post-it (or several). Those are the ones you should probably spend most time talking about.

I got this idea in a retrospective - I imagined that the person who was running the retrospective had said this was what they were going to do this. Then they didn't. The awesome power of defective copying.
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