Wanted: Agile Coach/Mentor Please RT

I'm looking for both a coach and a mentor (I don't imagine them to be the same person) to help me to the next stage with my career. I've been working for the past fifteen months as a iteration manager/scrum master and I've greatly enjoyed the experience, but with the contract ending in the summer I think it's time to consider carefully what I should looking for in my next move and how I should prepare for it.

I spent the two and a half years before my current job  working as a freelance trainer and consultant in Agile methods with a variety of clients. While in my current role I've continued to run occasional training courses.


I'm looking for someone to help me assess what I can do in the short term to make myself a better scrum master, as well as a better coach and trainer. Obviously, I'm prepared to pay market rates for this advice.  As a trainer and coach myself I absolutely believe in the value of getting outside professional help.

I'm not looking for a life coach. I'm looking for someone with solid experience as a scrum master, or as an Agile coach and trainer.


I'm looking for someone who's a few steps ahead of me in their career, this will probably mean someone who's been involved in the industry longer than Agile has been around. I'm also interested to talk to people who have experience of running their own consultancy or training business out side of the Agile domain.

I wouldn't expect to pay for mentoring. The idea would be that this would be a mentor/mentee relationship that would extend over a lengthy period of time and be of benefit to both of us.

Please contact me if you're interested in either of these roles (or send this link to anyone who you think might be):

Email: mark.stringer@mumbly.co.uk
Phone: 07736 807 604

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  • Jun 13 2011, 9:21 AM
    chrisallmark (Twitter) responded:
    You could talk to Rachel Davies at http://www.agilexp.com/ author of http://pragprog.com/titles/sdcoach/agile-coaching - she was my mentor at egg back in 2004 and I can't recommend her highly enough. She's not scrum-centric either which I know you'll appreciate. I can introduce you to her via LinkedIn if you like...